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Authentic Shanghai cuisine is known for its heavy and highly flavored sauce made with soy and lots of wine. The lavish use of Shaoxing wine in Shanghainese dishes will immediately make it known to the eater that Shanghai delicacies are being served. Shanghainese dishes are more rich in flavor than other Chinese cuisines. Slow-braising and red cooked sauces are signature styles and preferred cooking methods as compared to stir frying.

Cold dishes are also one of the specialties of this cuisine. Shanghai Chefs are well known for their colorful and beautifully arranged cold platters. Each platter contains an assortment of cold dishes which have been carefully and finely chopped, sliced, cooked and color matched before placing on the plate. Famous cold dishes are wine chicken, braised sliced beef, smoked fish and Shanghai bean curd.

Hong Kong Style Shanghai Cuisine is a hybrid, created by combining Western influences with traditional recipes and ingredients. This results in sumptuous traditional dishes that are more adapted to today's taste.

At Joe's Ginger, we serve Authentic Shanghai cuisine with some Hong Kong flare.  Some of our favorite cold dishes and appetizers are:

  • Vegetarian Duck

  • Shredded Turnip Shortcake

  • Sweet Red Bean Shortcake

  • Scallion Pancake with Braised Beef

  • Our Famous "Xiao Long Bao": Soup Dumplings served in Two Varieties - Pork and Pork with Crab Meat


Some of our Specialty Dishes are :

  • Joe's Ginger Shrimp

  • Lion's Head

  • Purple Moon (stuffed eggplant)

  • Crispy Yellow Fish Fingers w/Dry Seaweed

  • Sauteed Spicy Crab

  • Peking Duck

  • Crispy Shredded Beef

Please be sure to ask your waiter for our Chef's Special which changes periodically.

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